International students

Welcome to Leiden, the most wonderful student town in the Netherlands! As a Medical or Biomedical student at Leiden University, you automatically become a member of the Leiden University Medical Center Student Association (M.F.L.S., or Medische Faculteit der Leidse Studenten). All students of Medicine or Biomedical Sciences at the LUMC are members of the M.F.L.S. With around 3100 members, the M.F.L.S. is the largest student association in Leiden. Founded in 1912, it is also the oldest student association in the Netherlands. The M.F.L.S. has six divisions:

  • 1. Education
  • 2. Dictaten Centrale (the Bookshop)
  • 3. General Activities
  • 4. Internationalisation
  • 5. Leids Medisch Dispuut Forestus
  • 6. HePatho (the Bar)

1. Education

The M.F.L.S. promotes the interests of all its members in the area of education. We achieve this by way of several committees consisting of selected student-members, who represent their fellow students. In order to keep the educational value of our studies as high as possible we assess our courses in many committees in a joint venture with the Educational Committees of the LUMC. For questions regarding your courses you can contact the coordinator of your course (e-mail address can be found in the module and line books). If the coordinator cannot help you or you have a more general question, please send an e-mail to for Medicine and to for Biomedical Sciences.

More information of education provided by the LUMC:

2. Dictaten Centrale

The Dictaten Centrale, also known as DC, is the M.F.L.S. bookshop where you can buy course books, module and line books, as well as the necessary instruments for your field of study. The DC is the best place to buy the abovementioned study materials, since all students receive an average discount of 20%. Opening hours of the DC are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12.15 to 13.15 h. The DC is located next to HePatho in the K0 zone in the LUMC.

3. General Activities

Introduction Days

Introduction days are organised for first-year students to become acquainted with the LUMC and the M.F.L.S. For international students, a special programme is organised to familiarise them with Leiden, the LUMC and the M.F.L.S.


Every year a special yearbook is published by the M.F.L.S., in which you can find information about the student association itself, as well as photographs, names, addresses and phone numbers of all members.


Dies is an abbreviation of Dies Natalis, meaning birthday. On this day, we celebrate the anniversary of our student association and students can participate in workshops, lectures and an M.F.L.S.-party!


One or two weeks after the Dies, the M.F.L.S. organises a prom, which is very popular amongst all students.

Parents' Day

During parents' day, all parents of first-year students can accompany them to a work group and a lecture.


Every two months the student association publishes a periodical for all its members. The Predoctor reports on current M.F.L.S. affairs. The Predoctor is published in Dutch.

Medical Career Day

On this day, students can explore, in Dutch, the possibilities available to them for their future career.

National Biomedical Congress

Biomedical students from across the Netherlands can come to this congress, which is held in Dutch, to investigate their career possibilities.


During the Leiden International Medical Student Congress, students from all over the world present their research results in English. In addition, international keynote speakers will give presentations on current development in their field of research.

Study Trip

During the May holidays, about fifty students will have the opportunity to go on a study trip abroad, during which they will undertake study-related activities, such as visiting a university. This activity will be in English.

4. Internationalisation


5. L.M.D. Forestus

The Leids Medisch Dispuut Forestus is a group of M.F.L.S. members who organise social activities for fellow students. In order to become a member of this club you should contact the secretary of Forestus at

6. HePatho

The M.F.L.S. has its own bar, HePatho. During weekdays, it is opened from 12.30 until 18.00 h. During weekends it is normally closed. Here you can have lunch, drink, play pool or darts, or you can prepare for a work group. All parties, except the M.F.L.S.-prom, take place in HePatho. The M.F.L.S. also organizes Student-Staff-get-togethers. During these get-togethers students and faculty staff can become acquainted while having a few drinks together. The HePatho is located underneath lecture room number 1 in the k0-zone


Activities are organised by your fellow students. Information about these activities will be distributed in several ways. If you are interested in organising one of these activities, you are always welcome to contact us.

For more information please contact the board of the M.F.L.S. at
LUMC, Zone K1, Room 69