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In addition to medical instruments and course books, the M.F.L.S. study materials store also sells textbooks. Since the academic year 2019-2020, the sale of study books is no longer offered physically: all books can be purchased from the webshop. We recommend purchasing the relevant books two weeks before a new subject starts. This way, the books will arrive on time. The delivery time of the books is usually only a few days. The INDEXBooks bookshop is located in Leiden at Herenstraat 79. You can also easily pick up your books there!

Furthermore, the M.F.L.S. offers students the possibility to buy second-hand books and to sell your old study books via INDEXBooks. 

Do you have questions about your order, delivery or payment? INDEX Books has an email address and telephone number especially for M.F.L.S.-students: and 087-8723137.

In the large number of textbooks, a distinction can be made between study-wide books and subject-specific books.


Study-wide books

Study-wide books are textbooks that you will use and need in several subjects during your bachelor. The books that are on the essential books list are often books with a broad content and in which many subjects are discussed. Only books that are very popular, appreciated by students and used a lot over the years are on the this book list.

Subject-specific Books

Subject-specific books are textbooks that are recommended to purchase. The selection of the books varies between subjects and is often more specific to a particular topic than the essential books. If you want more depth, prefer to study from books or need more support - then we strongly recommend purchasing these books.

Student Reviews

Michelle: Ordering books via the site of the M.F.L.S. is easy, and I especially like the system where you only have to enter your academic year and then the books appear. Chill that it can be delivered for free, but also nice that you can pick up your order in the store (save the planet). Staff are helpful and can tell you exactly what is in stock and how quickly you will receive it.

Victor: The webshop was easy to find via the M.F.L.S.-website. With a clear overview of the essential books of my year, I was able to order them all right away. The price was lower than other sellers but the delivery time was a bit longer, which was no problem as I ordered it on time. It was convenient that I could pick up the books whenever I wanted, so I didn't have to stay home for delivery.

Which books do I need?

The selection of essential books and recommended books is chosen in such a way that you, as a student, pay as little as possible for the books that he will use most often. From our own experience and that of the Year Representatives (JVTs), we strongly recommend purchasing the essential books and determining for each subject whether you purchase the recommended books.

Below are the lists of essential books and recommended books per year and per study. There is also an overview for each year of each study which books are used per subject. These lists are reviewed annually so that the information remains up-to-date and correct.

For questions you can always reach us via our email: