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Course guides

Course guides

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Course books are, as it were, manuals for a subject. Unlike textbooks, course books only cover a few dozen pages. The content differs per subject, but often a course books includes self-study assignments, introductory / summary texts for lectures and practical manuals.

In addition to a normal course books, a number of courses also offer a dissection manual. Course books and dissection manuals can be accessed online via Blackboard, and can also be printed from there. Since dissection manuals often have to be taken to the cutting room, physical copies can also be ordered via Reader Online (see Normal course books can no longer be bought physically, unless the student prints them out themselves.


As agreed in the Education and Examination Regulations, Article 3.5.2, 'it is not permitted to distribute or publish study materials in any way, the student is only entitled to use the materials for his own use'. It is therefore not allowed to sell self-printed course books or dissection manuals to fellow students.