About the M.F.L.S.

Medical Faculty for Students from Leiden

The Medical Faculty for Leiden Students, better known as the M.F.L.S., is the student association for all students at the faculty of medicine/Leiden University medical Centre (LUMC). These students and all medical interns, automatically have a free membership. The association has approximately 2800 members. The association was established in 1912. An overview of the rich history of this association can be found under the heading 'history'.



Within the M.F.L.S. there are six main branches to distinguish from each other:

  • Education
  • Internationalisation
  • Student bar HePatho
  • M.F.L.S. study materials
  • The Leiden Medical Student Club Forestus
  • General activities


As a study Association for the university courses; Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, the master Vitality and Ageing and the master Pharmacy, the M.F.L.S. is committed to improving the quality of education. In addition, the Association has many committees, which are active in organising various activities to strengthen the bond between members, students and teachers. More information about everything the M.F.L.S. organises and can be found under the heading Committees. The M.F.L.S. also uses Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.


Personal Details

Everyone who studies at the LUMC is automatically a member of the M.F.L.S.. In this way you can use the benefits that we, as a study association, offer to make the most of your student experience and use a variety of facilities to help you to excel in your later profession. For example, consider the book sales at the M.F.L.S. study materials store, the numerous activities and the various lectures.

Our privacy policy explains which personal data we have access to, how we protect it and how you can exercise your privacy rights. Do you have questions about the privacy policy or would you like to request your data that the M.F.L.S. has processed? You can do so by emailing secretaris@mfls.nl.


Would you prefer not to be a member of the M.F.L.S.? If so, please email secretaris@mfls.nl.

Would you like to remain a member of the M.F.L.S. but rather not receive notifications? This is also possible. Please unsubscribe here.

Since our membership database is renewed each year, it is important that you let us know at the beginning of each academic year if you do not wish to use the possibilities offered by the M.F.L.S.