Publication date: 15/03/2023

LIMSC 2023 

The Leiden International (Bio)medical Student Conference, or LIMSC for short, is a conference organized by students studying at the LUMC, the medical faculty of the University of Leiden. The first edition of LIMSC was in 1999. Since then we’ve grown into an event with 700 different attendees from 70 different countries. The next edition of LIMSC will be held from the 15th until the 19th of March 2023.

The conference gives students in the (bio)medical field a chance to present their research and engage in networking with like-minded people. Next to this there will be lectures from prominent speakers in our field and workshops about cutting-edge technology and research which guests can attend.


LIMSC is made possible thanks to the Organizing Committee. The OC consists of nine students, each responsible for a different aspect of the organization of LIMSC. We have a president, secretary, treasurer, communications officer, design officer, scientific- and social programme officers and two PR officers. The OC is supported by the Head Crew, which is a group of six students. They too are responsible for a certain aspect of the conference and so they each support a different OC member. On the day of the conference itself there will also be a crew. This crew is also made up of students. They will help with setting everything up and helping you, our dear guests.



LIMSC is hosted within the Leiden University Medical Center, the LUMC. The LUMC is Leiden’s academic hospital, but it also functions as a research centre and Leiden University’s biomedical Faculty. The organizers of LIMSC all either work or study at The LUMC. We are grateful that during LIMSC we’ll be able to share our faculty with all of you!



LIMSC 2023 offers a scientific programme, a social programme and a career & Internship fair, this will take place at the Leiden University Medical Center. The scientific programme will include oral and poster presentations, within 12 different (bio)medical themes ranging from cancer and genetics to infection and immunity. 

During LIMSC, five guest speakers will provide the audience with inspiring lectures about their experiences and research. To accompany our scientific programme, LIMSC offers a fun and active social programme. This includes a variety of activities around the beautiful city of Leiden, such as visiting our Bioscience park, a pub crawl, black tie dinner and workshops. During LIMSC, a variety of fun and interactive workshops will be available, such as a tour around our anatomical museum and a tour of the 7-tesla MRI scanner. 

During the Friday lunch, the career and internship fair will take place. This offers a great opportunity to find a job or internship in Leiden or to learn about studying and working in the LUMC. So we have a busy schedule filled with informative and fun activities! The schedule is shown below: