Douwe's Summer guests: "A visit to the M.F.L.S.!"

Douwe's Summer guests: "A visit to the M.F.L.S.!"

Publication date: 01/09/2022

"Studying is a special period in your life for almost everyone. Often for the first time from home, it is a periode where you make friends for life.

This was written by Douwe Biesma, chairman of the Board of Directors, in his article 'Hagelslag en kroketten'. This summer he will visit every week a department within the LUMC  in his section 'Douwe's Summer guests'. He also visited the Board of the M.F.L.S.!

We showed him the board room and told us where we as Board are all proud of within the M.F.L.S.. We finished the conversation with a quick tour in HePatho, where Tim handed over his own beer glass, a tradition for every director of the LUMC. Perhaps you will soon see the President enjoying a freshly tapped beer at us in HePatho!

Do you want to read the entire article by Douwe Biesma about the M.F.L.S.? From this week on Albinusnet you can admire it!