• Announcing 112th M.F.L.S. Board

    Published: 12 June 2024

    We proudly present the 112th candidate board of the M.F.L.S.! They will be accepted at the next General Members Assembly on Thursday 13th of June!

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  • Charity 2023-2024

    Published: 22 December 2023

    It is a good tradition that each M.F.L.S.-board chooses a charity. The Board is committed to raising money for this charity throughout the year, such as during M.F.L.S.-week, Active Members Weekend an

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    Published: 15 March 2023

    The Leiden International (Bio)medical Student Conference, or LIMSC for short, is a conference organized by students studying at the LUMC, the medical faculty of the University of Leiden. The first edi

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  • Roadmap M.F.L.S. site

    Published: 05 September 2022

    Dear student,

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  • Douwe's Summer guests: "A visit to the M.F.L.S.!"

    Published: 01 September 2022

    "Studying is a special period in your life for almost everyone. Often for the first time from home, it is a periode where you make friends for life.

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  • OWL is looking for guides!

    Published: 17 August 2022

    From August 29th to September 2nd, the Summer OWL 2022 will take place. After two years of hybrid OWLs, we can now (hopefully) go all out again! As experienced student you can also be a part of this a

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  • Summer Recess 25 July - 4 September

    Published: 18 July 2022

    The Board is in desperate need of a summer break and will therefore be absent from Monday 25 July to Sunday 4 September. During this period, the Board Room will therefore be closed. If you need us in

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  • Apply for year representatives

    Published: 13 July 2022

    Do you want to represent the opinion of your fellow students and to mean something for the quality of your education? Apply for the Year Representatives!

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  • Announcement Musical

    Published: 07 July 2022

    Dancing in the Circus Theater of the greatest Showman or jumping basketball in a gym at High School Musical? This time not, because our upcoming lustrummsical will take place on a beautiful Persian fl

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  • 13-16 July ESOF 2022

    Published: 24 June 2022

    – ESOF - is Europe’s biggest multidisciplinary and prestigious scientific conference. ESOF2022 will take place from 13-16 July 2022 and is hosted by Leiden as the European City of Science. This interd

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  • M.F.L.S. Account information

    Published: 15 June 2022

    Last week, the emails were sent out with the details for your own M.F.L.S. account! However, we hear from many students that this mail has not arrived. Because you need your own account to register fo

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  • Announcement 110th Candidate Board

    Published: 13 June 2022

    Our search is complete! We proudly present the 110th candidate board of the M.F.L.S.! They will be accepted at the next General Members Assembly on Wednesday 15 June!

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  • The new M.F.L.S. website is in the air!

    Published: 03 June 2022

    After months of preparation and the hard work, it's finally here: The renewed M.F.L.S. website has been launched! Take a look at the various new functionalities, such as the events calendar, proposals

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