Facilitating committees

Almanak Committee (Almanak)

Almanak Committee (Almanak)

Almanak Committee (Almanak)


Almanakcommissie (Almanak)

A committee at the M.F.L.S.

The M.F.L.S. organises many activities and events for all members of the Association. These activities range from get-togethers and parties to career-oriented activities and trips abroad. They are organised by a large number of different committees. Joining a committee is very educational, but it also ensures that students get to know their fellow students from other years and from other studies. Committees at the M.F.L.S. ensure that students develop themselves and make the best of their student experience!

The Yearbook Committee

The Yearbook Committee makes a one-year compilation of the M.F.L.S. in the form of a yearbook. This compilation consists of a complete overview of what has happened within the Association. Theme related pieces are also added and articles are written by doctors or scientists. Committee members are involved in the layout and make use of programs such as InDesign. Furthermore, they gain experience in writing various pieces.

Any questions for this committee can be emailed to: almanak@mfls.nl


  • Max Andringa


  • Ben van den Aardweg


  • Juliette Mensink

    Head Editorial

  • Amber Monsanto

    Member Editorial

  • Julian Blom

    Head Lay-out

  • Rayna Somers

    Member Lay-out

  • Sanne Zwart

    Member Lay-out

  • Stephan Kok

    Member Board

  • Olaf Vreeman

    Member Board