My name is Wouter and I have the honor of being the Secretary of the M.F.L.S.-Board this year. I am 22 years old and I have been studying Medicine for the past three years. After obtaining the bachelor's degree, the master's was a tempting next step. However, I feel that there is still much to learn and experience before I can start with this master. 

From the first drink and the first committee application, I could not let go of the M.F.L.S. I had a great time in the the Introduction Committee; organizing something this big with a fantastic group is an experience in itself. Through the Career Committee I also wanted to found out more about other fields. In this way I got to know what the M.F.L.S. stands for.

As Secretary, I am responsible for communication within and outside the association. For example, emails to the general M.F.L.S. email address come to me. I manage the member base and take care of the digital and physical archive. Of course, the Secretary also takes minutes at a number of meetings. I have an incredibly divers agenda and that is also what makes this job so much fun!

Outside the hours in the boardroom I sometimes get into the boat (or the 'soos') at Asopos. I also enjoy running and playing padel, tennis or squash with my roommate (we can't choose). On the other hand, I can also really enjoy a relaxing evening on the couch with friends. 

During the week, like my fellow board members, I can be found in our board room, on K1-69! You can always walk by if you have a question, or if you just need a cup of coffee. My desk is not to be missed! By the way, you can also find me in HePatho pretty often, so don't hesitate to ask your questions there as well!


Wouter Zuidgeest

Secretary M.F.L.S. Board 2022-2023
Mail: secretaris@mfls.nl
Phone: 07152 64452