Dear reader, 

My name is Tim Roumen, and this year I am the President of the 109th M.F.L.S.-board! As a fourth year medical student, I have already spent my fair share of time in the LUMC. Luckily, nowadays I know my way around the LUMC a lot better than in my first days here, during which I regularly got lost in the great number of hallways of the hospital! 

As President of the M.F.L.S.-board I am responsible for a certain amount of tasks. One of the most important parts of my responsibilities is the board itself! I regularly go for a walk with all the other board members to stay informed about what they are up to, or to discuss challenges that they have encountered. Next to that, internationalization is also an important part of my responsibilities. I really enjoy connecting to the international students that stay in Leiden! Lastly, the new masters program of Population Health Management started last year, at which I am responsible for the coaching of the student representation.

As President, I am also the point of contact for the Board of Directors of the LUMC, but in the first place for the M.F.L.S.-members! This social aspect of my position on the board is one of the things I enjoy the most!

Next year I will be finishing the last courses of the third year of medicine, after which I will continue with the medical internships. I have a very broad interest, so during my third year I chose to make some time for other activities next to my study program. Furthermore, playing sports is one of my favorite activities in my free time, especially sailing and playing football!

Feel free to ask me any question or to drop by the board room (K1-69) if you just want to chat! 

Kind regards, 

Tim Roumen

President M.F.L.S.-board 2021-2022