My name is Stephan and I am really looking forward to being the Secretary of the M.F.L.S. Board for the upcoming year. I am 20 years old and I finished my Bachelor of Medicine last summer. I noticed that I was not yet ready to start my internships and I wanted to do something completely new first, which would allow me to stretch my student time a bit more at the same time. Therefore, in the coming year, together with my six fantastic fellow board members, I will dedicate myself to the beautiful association that is the M.F.L.S.

Although I only became active at the M.F.L.S. relatively late, for me it has always been a place where I felt very comfortable: nothing had to be done, but everything was allowed and possible. Whereas initially I noticed this mainly at get-togethers and parties, in my third year I also became active as a committee member of the JVT. I enjoyed this so much that in February I immediately took on another committee: the Introduction Committee. I got to know more and more people within the M.F.L.S. and so this became a place where I felt very much at home.

As Secretary, I am responsible for communication inside and outside the association. This means that many e-mails from external parties come to me, but that I am also a point of contact for all members (which is why I sit closest to the door in the boardroom!). I also manage the Membership File and the annual planning, and take care of the physical and digital archives. I get to work with super many different people inside and outside the Board, which is what makes this job so much fun for me!

Besides working at the M.F.L.S., I live in a nice student house in Leiden with five very nice roommates. I also belong to a fraternity at Quintus, where you can often find me on Thursday evenings. If I have any time left over, I love to go for a run or cook dinner!

During the week, I can be found in the boardroom most of the day. As I said, I'm nice and close to the door, so there's a reason for that, so do come by if you have a question or if you just feel like having a nice chat. I am always available for a cup of coffee in the boardroom or in HePatho, so don't hesitate to talk to me about that too!


Stephan Kok

Secretary M.F.L.S. Board 2023-2024
Phone: 07152 64452