Hi everyone, 

My name is Salima Skalli and I’m the Board Member Education of the studies Medicine and Pharmacy this year! This means that I’m the one representing the students of these studies in various kinds of meetings and keeping track of interesting subjects concerning education! The thing I love most about my function is the variety of tasks for sure! One moment I’m in a serious meeting representing students and 20 minutes later, I’m having a fun conversation with JVT-members! As a Board Member Education you’ll talk with all kinds of people and you can really make a change. Besides that, I really like how I’ve gotten to know a study that was really new to me before, Pharmacy! In my free time I love to sing while playing on the guitar, to act and to have drinks with my housemates. 

Even though I’ve already finished my bachelor of Medicine, I’m having a short break before I finally start my Master in March! In the meantime, I’d love to learn the Dutch Sign Language and enjoy the student life some more. With all the fun activities that the M.F.L.S. is going to be organizing for their anniversary, I’m sure that you’ll find me in the LUMC very often!

Do you have nice ideas about how to improve the education at the LUMC or do you just want to have a short chat? Just quickly walk by the Boardroom and come to say hi, share your experiences or just to have a cup of tea!


Salima Skalli

Board Member Education of Medicine and Pharmacy M.F.L.S.-board 2021-2022 en