Hi everyone!

My name is Rebecca and this year I will be part of the 110th board of the M.F.L.S., as Member of Education for Medicine and Pharmacy! I am 22 years old and grew up in Haarlem, but have been living in a student-house in Leiden for a little while now. I absolutely hate sitting still and are therefore always busy with at least a 110 different things at once; from spending time on my studies, sidejobs, doing sports, reading, making/listening music, to going for a stroll with friends and enjoying a cup of coffee of tea, preferably at the same time! Since I completed my bachelor in medicine this summer, I was left with the question of how to best spend my time until the start of the next phase of my studies, and there’s never a dull moment when doing a board year for the M.F.L.S.!

When I started as a first year student, the M.F.L.S. instantly made me feel welcome and at home in the LUMC, and consequently, I decided to apply for a committee. Definitely no regrets, because I have stuck around ever since and have, among others, taken part in the Year Representation, Career committee, and Lustrum committee! I am therefore very excited to continue these past activities as Board Member of Education for Medicine and Pharmacy (the most fun and interesting function if you ask me!) and especially this year, which marks the 110th anniversary of the M.F.L.S.!

As Member of Education for Medicine and Pharmacy I make an effort to ensure that the education within our faculty is constantly being evaluated and improved. In order to be able to do so, I take part in various conversations and meetings about education, and guide the Year Representations for bachelor students in medicine and take part in the Leiden Medical Interns Council and the Pharmacy Student Representative. This way, one spends time dealing with and considering a lot of different questions relating to education and one has contact with a lot of different people to always stay up to date – which makes my function so very exciting!

Besides, it is both very pleasing and a challenge at the same time to see to it that students’ voices and opinions are heard and appreciated, and can make a difference. Another thing I enjoy a lot is that I have been given the chance to get a glimpse of and learn more about the medical and pharmaceutical education for master students, which I have not (yet) started myself.  Last but not least, as Member of Education one also spends time organising events relating to education, such as Student-Teacher-drinks, an discussion evening and award ceremony about education, and one works very closely with the Member of Education for the studies Biomedical Sciences and Vitaly & Aging and the Student-Assessor!

Hopefully, I have given you a full picture of the tasks and activities of my function and you have gotten to know me a little better! Do you want to drop your ideas and/or opinions about education, or do you just enjoy a nice chat? You are always welcome to come by in our Board-room (K1-69) for a nice cup of coffee/tea, or join one of our very fun activities this year!

Lots of love,

Rebecca Vullings

Board Member Education of Medicine and Pharmacy M.F.L.S.-board 2022-2023 en