Dear reader,

My name is Olaf Vreeman and I am this year's Member of Internal Affairs of the 111th M.F.L.S. Board. I am 21 years old and completed my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences last academic year. I am originally from Amsterdam, but moved to Leiden as soon as possible. I currently live in a super nice large student house with 17 other housemates. I am also active at my rowing club ''Njord'' where I have a fantastic team, and I am also active in the men's fraternity. Since the El Cid, I came into contact with the M.F.L.S. after which I could almost always be found there. From VriMiBo's in HePatho to my first gala in Rotterdam. To me, the M.F.L.S. always felt super accessible and kind of like a second home, where I made lots of friends. Even during the Covid period, the LUMC was still the place to meet friends. Therefore, it didn't take much convincing to do committees either. My first committee was the Introduction Committee, followed by the Biomedical Sciences student representative committee. And as icing on the cake, I have now become the 111th board of the M.F.L.S.!

My function, Member of Internal Affairs, has three main tasks in addition to the general board duties: committees, HePatho and being the contact person within LUMC regarding facilities and logistics. Besides supervising several committees myself, I am also ultimately responsible for committee recruitment and applications. Furthermore, I am also in the BarManagement together with Maurits, the Treasurer of the Board, and with this group and the rest of the Bar Committee we make sure that everything in HePatho runs smoothly. Finally, I have contact with departments within LUMC, such as security, catering and room management.

Hopefully, you now have a bit of an idea of me and my function. If you feel like socialising or having a cup of coffee or tea, don't be afraid to walk past our boardroom (K1-69), or drag me along to HePatho to have a beer or chill out! You can also reach me anytime at lidintern@mfls.nl.

Kind regards,

Olaf Vreeman

Board Member of Internal Affairs M.F.L.S.-board 2023-2024