Hello dear reader, 

Welcome to the Treasurer's page! For a change, we won't dive into the dusty budget, but rather share a bit about myself and what it's like to be the Treasurer. As the Treasurer, I am responsible for the financial policy of the association throughout the year. In practice, this mostly involves creating, paying, and sending invoices, processing all your expense claims, and then recording everything in the accounting program. But in addition to that, I do much more. I oversee committees such as Illustra, the Integration Committee, Study Trip Committee, and I'm part of the Bar Management team at our wonderful bar HePatho. An attentive reader might notice that these are the committees where the most money is involved.

I completed my Bachelor Biomedical Sciences last year. Now, after three wonderful years with the M.F.L.S., it's time to pass on all the enthusiasm and joy I've gained from the association to you, dear readers, the lovely M.F.L.S. members who make this association so beautiful. But aside from the busy life in the board, you can occasionally find me at Forestus or on the hockey field. Within Forestus, I found (and founded) a wonderful guild called RB, with which we have weekly dinners, organize various fun activities, but above all, laugh a lot. And to avoid gaining too many board-related pounds by the end of the year, I enjoy sports. As I mentioned, I play hockey, but I also get a lot of energy from going for a run, for example, around Cronesteyn.

So, that's a brief overview of who I am and what I do. Feel free to stop by and have a coffee with me at board room for a chat anytime!


Maurits Staal

Treasurer M.F.L.S.-board 2023-2024