Dear reader,

How incredibly nice that you have come to this section of the website! My name is Marit and I am this year's Member of External Affairs of the 111th M.F.L.S.-board. Last year I got my Bachelor of Medicine, which means that I am now in the waiting period for my fellowships. Of course, it is super fun to fill this time by doing a board year!

As Member of External Affairs, I am the contact person for all external parties that we, as M.F.L.S., work with. This means I spend a lot of time calling, emailing and meeting with organizations to discuss this cooperation. Because of all of this I provide a large part of the income of our Study association, with which we can do many wonderful things! In addition, PR is also part of my duties. I manage the social media together with Stephan, our Secretary, I make a lot of posters and I get to manage the website!

Originally I am from Amsterdam, but when I was six we moved to Castricum (which I was very angry about at the time). My parents still live there, but I moved to Leiden in the second year of my studies. Here I live with two lovely roommates, both of whom I already knew from high school. I do still go back and forth to home almost every Monday evening, since I have been playing in an orchestra there since I was little, which I really enjoy doing! Besides that, you can always make me very happy with playing games, reading and cooking or having drinks together.

Hopefully now you've gotten a better picture of me and what it means to be a Member of External Affairs. Do you have any questions about the position or about doing a board year with the M.F.L.S.? Be sure to talk to me! You are always welcome in the boardroom for a coffee, tea or a nice chat.

With love,

Marit de Vries

Board Member of External Affairs M.F.L.S. Board 2023-2024