My name is Laura and this year I am Member of Education for Biomedical Sciences and Vitality and Ageing of the M.F.L.S.-board. With that, this year I am coincidentally the only biomedical sciences student on the board as the rest of us studies Medicine. Sounds intense, but definitely is a lot of  fun!

In my function I have a lot of contact with the educational organization as with students. I support the year representatives and keep in touch with them during the year. I also attent some educational meetings to be up to date and to represent the opinion of the students. It is quite special to be attending these meetings and I really like that in my function! I also think it is really nice to be in contact with students; it is always fun to be with the JVT’s :)

Last year I completed my bachelor Biomedical Sciences and I am planning to start the master in Leiden in september. So I will definitely be in the LUMC and with the M.F.L.S. for a little while, which is not a punishment at all!

Luckily studying is not the only thing I do; I also enjoy doing sports (unfortunately I have a little less time for that this year) and I like to cook (and then eat)! Next to that I really like to go on a boat and be on the water (when the weather is nice). 

Lots of love, 

Laura Overdam

Lid Onderwijs Biomedische wetenschappen en Vitality and Ageing M.F.L.S.-bestuur 2021-2022 &