Hi everyone,

How nice of you to check out my page! My name is Hannah and this year I am the Member of Education of Biomedical Sciences and Vitality and Ageing. I'm 23 years old and originally come from Sneek, so I moved straight into a room here in Leiden during my first year, in a super nice double-mixed house! It surprised me how quickly Leiden actually became my home, where this wonderful Association definitely played a role. I have felt so tremendously at home here from moment one. Making great friendships, doing various committees, going on wonderful vacations and participating in fun activities have definitely contributed to this. Hence, I am very eager to get involved with the M.F.L.S. this year and feel honored to be part of this wonderful Board!

I myself did the Bachelor of Medicine and the Master of Vitality and Ageing. During my so-called M.F.L.S. career I did many different committees. My very first committee was the HealthCie and even though all meetings were online, I soon noticed that I didn't want to stop there and that I really enjoyed it. This was soon followed by the TripCie, Almanac and twice the Mediski! We had a lot of fun putting out great final products. Furthermore, I am in Forestus, in the very nice dispute Pluizig en Blauw and also in Njord, where I have a very nice team. Since the beginning of my board year I live in a master house with 2 very nice girls where I have a great time. In addition, I can almost roll to the LUMC, ideal for this year ;). I prefer to spend my free time with my friends and family, or I can be found at the gym or in the (Frisian) countryside.

From my position, I supervise the year representatives of Biomedical Sciences and Vitality and Ageing and also join many consultations regarding these studies. So I have a lot of contact with both students and the educational organization. I try to stay as informed as possible about the students' opinions. Talk to me if you have something to say about education! I can then discuss this opinion in the various meetings I attend. I think it is great that I can represent the opinion of students in these meetings. And of course it is also very pleasant to chat with the JVT's and students! So come and visit me in the BK, I really enjoy it :).

Lots of love,

Hannah Sasburg

Member Education Biomedical Sciences and Vitality and Ageing of the M.F.L.S.-board 2023-2024
lidbw@mfls.nl & lidva@mfls.nl