Hi dear reader,

My name is Sarah and I am this year's Member of Internal Affairs of the 109th M.F.L.S. Board. I will briefly introduce myself and also explain what my function entails.

I am 22 years old and I come from Leiderdorp. Leiden was certainly familiar territory for me and I really wanted to study medicine in this beautiful city. During the Introduction Days I immediately became enthusiastic about what the M.F.L.S. had to offer and I immediately signed up for the Parents' Day Committee! I really enjoyed organizing such a big day with 5 peers that I joined the JVT, Study Trip Committee and Introduction Committee in my second year. Finally, I was certainly not tired of doing committees in my third year and that resulted in another year of Almanak committee. As the end of my bachelor's degree approached, I started to think, what do I want to do next? Because I had so much fun doing committee work and being present at M.F.L.S. activities, the Board seemed like a great fun and educational next step for me. And since last September I can proudly call myself the Member of Internal Affairs of the 109th M.F.L.S. Board!

Many students are aware that there is a Board, but it is often unknown what every function does, so I will briefly explain my function. Member of Internal Affairs has three main tasks in addition to general management tasks: committees, HePatho and contact person within the LUMC for facility matters. In addition to supervising several committees myself, I am also responsible for the recruitment and applications of committees. I also sit in the BarManagement together with the Treasurer of the Board and with this group and the rest of the BarCommittee we ensure that everything runs smoothly in HePatho. Finally, I have a lot of contact with departments within the LUMC, such as with security, catering and room management.

Hopefully you now have a bit of an idea of ​​me and my function. If you ever feel like chatting or having a cup of tea/coffee, don't be afraid to drop by our Boardroom (K1-69)! You can always reach me via lidintern@mfls.nl.

Lots of love,

Sarah van Rooden

Board Member Internal Affairs M.F.L.S.-board 2021-2022