Hey dear reader!

My name is Famke Meynaar and I am this year’s Board Member of Internal Affairs of the 110th M.F.L.S. board. I am 21 years old and last year I completed the bachelor's degree in medicine. I am originally from Delft, but I moved to Leiden in the second year of my studies. I now live in a super fun and active student house with 10 lovely friends and I am already in my third year at Augustinus, where I got to know a very nice group of girls. During the Introduction Days of the M.F.L.S. in my first year, I was immediately enthusiastic about what the M.F.L.S. had to offer. Everyone’s accessibility, the always cozy HePatho and the ‘everything is possible, if you want to’-mentality really appealed to me. During my bachelor I have been active in various committees; the parents' day committee in my first year taught me how committees work and how much fun it is to work with peers. The fact that I considered doing committees a fun activity in addition to my studies, sports, students association, house and the rest of my social life, was evident from what I did during the rest of my bachelor: I did the mediski committee, the almanak committee, the introduction committee and the career committee. Of course, as the end of my bachelor's approached, I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. Partly due to the corona times, I realised that I was not ready to say goodbye to my student life by quickly starting my internships. By now I knew quite a few people within the M.F.L.S., so becoming a board member here was a bold but quite logical step. We're just getting started, but this decision is already working out great. Since last September I am a Member of Internal affairs and I am part of the beautiful 110th M.F.L.S. board. We are going to do our best to make it a great lustrum year!

In addition to the general management tasks, Board Member of Internal Affairs has three main tasks in addition to general management tasks: committees, HePatho and being the contact person within the LUMC for facility matters. In addition to supervising several committees myself, I am also responsible for the recruitment and applications of committees. Furthermore, together with Koen, the Treasurer of the Board, I take place in the Bar Management and with this group and the rest of the Bar Committee we ensure that everything in HePatho runs smoothly. Finally, I have a lot of contact with departments within the LUMC, such as security, catering and room management.

Hopefully you now have a bit of an idea of me and my function. If you ever feel like chatting or drinking a cup of coffee/tea, don't be afraid to walk past our boardroom (K1-69), or drag me to HePatho to chill! You can always reach me via lidintern@mfls.nl.

Kind regards,

Famke Meynaar

Board Member Internal Affairs M.F.L.S.-board 2022-2023