Hello everyone!

My name is Danique and I fulfill the function of Secretary of the M.F.L.S.-board 2021-2022. After participating in different committees during the first three years of my study, it seemed like a great step for me to continue to apply for year as a M.F.L.S.-board member. A nice thing is that I started as the secretary of the Parents Day committee in my first year. 

My parents live in Alphen aan den Rijn, which is a town relatively close to Leiden. Despite that it is not that far away, I moved to a nice room in Leiden with my roommates. 

I remember I noticed the pleasant ambiance at the M.F.L.S. in my first year. After contemplating this for a little while, I participated in the Parents Day committee. I liked this a lot, which meant that after this committee ended, I participated in the Year Book committee and the Introduction committee. It is the great variaty in activities that I value a lot at the M.F.L.S. and I think it is very important that anyone can feel at home at this study association. 

As the Secretary I manage the member base, the year calendar and I take minutes of meetings. I also manage the general mail address of the M.F.L.S., so there is a high chance that you have received an e-mail written by me!

My desk is directly at the door in de Board Room, so feel free to step by if you have a question, or just for a cup of tea and a chat!

I hope to see you at one of our activities!

Kind regards,

Danique Wille

Secretary M.F.L.S.-board 2021-2022