Dear reader,

My name is Bo van Oldenmark and I am the Board Member External Affairs of the 109th M.F.L.S. Board. During the open day in Leiden, I immediately fell in love with this beautiful city, and my first years at the M.F.L.S. felt like a warm bath. This is the reason why I applied for a position within the M.F.L.S. Board. 

Wihin the Board, I have the function of Board Member External Affairs. Firstly, I focus on the contact with all the external affairs. This means a lot of mailing, calling and meetings with organizations and companies about different collaboration opportunities with the M.F.L.S. By doing so, This generates a large part of the association's income.  

On the other hand, I am responsible for the Public Relations, or in other words, the promotion of the Association. I control the social media channels, I make the cards and posters, and I update the website. As a result, my function is very versatile, in which I can bring all my creativity, critical look, and enthusiasm. 

In my spare time, I like to play sports, paint and cook delicious dinners for friends. What do I want to become in the future? I really have no idea. Everything from the bachelor fascinated me, so I let myself be surprised by the master. Just zooming out!

Do you have any questions about the position of Board Member External Affairs or about a board year at the M.F.L.S.? I am always open to a little chat.

Lots of love, 

Bo van Oldenmark

Board Member External Affairs M.F.L.S. Board 2021-2022