Dear reader,

How nice that you found the English part of the website. My name is Anna ten Hove and this year I can call myself the Member External Affairs of the 110th M.F.L.S.-board! I am very happy to be able to introduce myself to you in this way. After obtaining my Bachelor of Medicine, I thought it would be fun to do something completely different for a year. And what could be better for that than a board year at the M.F.L.S.! And of course with the best function of all ;)

As a Member External AFffairs, I am mainly involved in maintaining contact with various external partners. This means that I often e-mail, call and meet with organizations and companies about collaboration opportunities with the M.F.L.S. As a result, I provide a large part of the income for the association. In addition, I take care of the PR and I manage the social media channels of the M.F.L.S. and I make beautiful posters, from A3 to A0. Take a look at the poster boards in HePatho or in the hall to see examples!

Next to the M.F.L.S. I am a lifeguard at the Katwijkse Reddingsbrigade. That's why I can often be found on the beach during the summer! So, I like swimming but also taking the boat out on the sea. In addition, I rowed at Asopos and I will be coaching this year. So basically I'm just a fan of water :)

Hopefully you got to know me, and the meaning of Member External Affairs, a little better. Do you have questions about the position of Member External or about a board year at the M.F.L.S.? Come by for a cup of tea and just to chat! The door is always open.

With love,

Anna ten Hove

Board Member External Affairs M.F.L.S. Board 2022-2023