About the webshop

What is the M.F.L.S. study materials store

For the past years, the M.F.L.S. study materials store (DC) was a physical shop where the LUMC students could purchase their study supplies. The physical store has been closed since the 1st of January 2020 and the sale of study books, instruments, clothing and course books continues online via the web shops. Since the sale of the products are non-profit and arranged by students, we can guarantee the lowest price.


The M.F.L.S. study materials store is no longer physically open. The DC can be reached via its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/dictatencentralemfls) and via the following email address: studiebenodigdheden@mfls.nl. In addition, you can always come to the Boardroom (K1-69) for urgent questions.