Dear visitor,

This is the introduction of the Lustrum committee. Spending a lot of time to fill a whole month with awesome activities for you! 

Chairman - Elianne Amorij

Secretary - Stella Werkman

Treasurer - Stella Gartung

Member Gala - Selma Wilting

Member Program - Yves Gorissen

Member Program - Mustafa el Beiramani

Member Progam - Imke Wijnen

Member Public Relations - Mireya Harms

Member Public Relations - Michael Tonsbeek

Member M.F.L.S.-board 2016-2017 - Wingchi Cheng

Member M.F.L.S.-board  2016-2017 - Kanishk Kaushik

Member M.F.L.S.-board  2017-2018 - Alexander Hamming

Member M.F.L.S.-board 2017-2018 - Nienke Wit