Study abroad

 Information about studying abroad

Many (bio)medical students in Leiden seize te opportunity to go abroad for their study. When you visit foreign countries you learn to work or study in a different culture. This enrichment of your education will be of good use later as a physician or researcher.
Think ahead of aspects like total costs and a possible language barrier! During the bachelor of Medicine you have the opportunity to study abroad during the half minors (electives). During this period you can go to Indonesia, Cuba, Edinburgh or Bordeaux! For biomedical sciences it is possible in the second year of the bachelor to follow courses at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Ten students will be selected for this unique experience. Students of biomedical sciences can also follow a course during their master at the Karolinska Institute.
When you want to go abroad there are a lot of things you have to think about. You can visit the Students portal of of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) for more information, click here!
For questions you can contact Evelien Hack of the Directory of Education and Training (DOO). Her office is V5-28 and is reachable via Her walk-in hour is on Monday from 14:00h until 15:00h. The LUMC works alongside a group of universities referred to as the Preferred Partners. Make sure to use the contacts the LUMC and Evelien already have and do not hesitate to ask Evelien Hack for any additional information.
How do you find a place?
You start searching on your own:
  • Based on subject/research (use LUMC contacts for example)
  • Based on country (make an appointment with the coordinator of internationalization, but first make a TOP five of countries/places) looking at the possibilities that are mentioned on this site.
    • With which country/university are there similarities?
    • Which experiences did students gain? Supervisors of these students can be contacted by the interested student him-/herself.
    • What similarities are there with the university of Leiden? Is it to possible to along with these similarities.
More information (dutch) can be found via Blackboard -> courses -> algemene modules GNK en BW -> Internationalisering.
If you have found an institute or have any questions about destinations, please contact Evelien Hack (see top of the page).