The LUMC-travel takes place once every two years. During the LUMC-travel a university abroad will be visited to gain information about possible exchange programs, special education programs or the contents of the curriculum of the specific university. The LUMC-travel has been to the following destinations:
  • 1998 – John Hopkins University in Washington, America
  • 2000 – Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2002 – Harvard Medical School in Boston, America
  • 2005 – National University of Singapore (NUS) in Singapore
  • 2007 - Trinity College Dublin, Denmark
  • 2009 - Université de Genève, Switzerland
  • 2014 - Technion University Haifa, Israel
The LUMC-travelcommittee consists of a limited amount of students and teachers. Students will be taken into consideration for this committee by sending an English motivation letter to the M.F.L.S. board and after invitation have an interview in English.
The following students are part of the LUMC-travelcommittee which will organise a new LUMC-travel in the fall of 2016:
Sander Sandkuyl
Juliette van der Does
Debbie Abbenhuis
Josif Vlaski
Daan Berns
Jamilla Goedegebuur
Charlie Nederpelt