Renting of Society HePatho

Society HePatho is the ideal location to organize an event, especially for students of the LUMC and LUMC-employees. ALthough the bar is situated central in the LUMC, it does differ greatly from the rest of the hospital. The atmosphere is a lote more relaxed and informal, which makes it feel like being at a completely different location.

The normal capacity is 250 guests, but with a few extra safety measures this can be expended to a total of 400. We have acces to a professional sound system, our own lights, the possibility to utilize external lighting, a DVD/video combi, a beamer and screen and a pooltable.

We have a richt assortment of drinks. Our draft beer is Grolsch Premium Pilsener. We also regularly serve specialty beers. Besides we also have a large varity of soft drinks and distilled available. Other special requests from consumers can often be arranged. When you would like to have snacks besides the beverages, we can always order the so-called Dutch "Bittergarnituur". Cold snacks and other warm snacks we do not provide unfortunately.

Important points

  • In HePatho it is forbidden to smoke.
  • There are no costs for renting HePatho.
  • HePatho can also be reserved during the evening and in weekends.
  • It is prohibited to bring your own drinks.
  • For reservations we charge other (higher) prizes than durin the day sales. These prizes can be obtained from the barcommittee.
  • HePatho can solely be used by students, employees of the LUMC or institutions which are connected to Leiden University.

In HePatho the LUMC-buildingrules as well as additional rules from the Board of Directors and the M.F.L.S.-board are mantained. Anyone who enters HePatho agrees to these rules.

Get In Contact

Mail to for more information or reservations.