Non alcoholic beverages
Tea & (regular) coffee
 grilled ham/cheese
Special coffee (eg. cappucino)
 grilled chees/salami
Hot chocolate milk
 Special grilled cheese
Chocolate milk/Fristi
Soda (incl. jus & sap)
 Candy rich assortment
Alcoholic Beverages
House-beer of the tap
"Vaas" 30cl
"Fluitje" 25cl
Pitcher 1,8l

€1,60 €1,40
Tray of nuts
Soup Cup-a-Soup
order beforehand
50 pieces
100 pieces
250 pieces

Speciaal bier
Per bottle
Duvel Moortgat
Tripel Karmeliet
Pauwel Kwak
Liefmans Kriek
Grolsch Kanon
Of the tap

Grolsch Weizen Palm La Chouffe
Grolsch Bokbeer

€2,80 €2,25

€2,30 €2,10 €2,10
Per glass

Strong liquor
per shot 3,5 cl 
Jenever Coebergh Dropshot Bacardi Rum Baileys Malibu Safari Vodka Bacardi Razz/Lemon  Whiskey
Jack Daniels 
Other  Dutch Liquor
Other Foreign Liquor

€2,00 €3,00 €2,00 €3,00 €2,00 €2,50 €2,00 €3,00 €3,00 €2,75

Prizes are in euro's. Prizes under reservation and only valid during the day sales. These are prizes for external parties. For students there are other prizes. During activities and reservations ther may be other (higher) prizes. Please inquire at the barcommittee.

Over the years the assortment of beers has greatly expanded. We once used to have only Grolsch Premium Pilsener, at the moment there are twelve different beers available. We regularly try to adapt the assortment to the season but also to the wishes of our guests. Our draftbeer is Grolsch Premium Pilsener. We als have other taps with changing beers, which are now Grolsch "herfstbok" and "lentebok", Grolsch Premium Weizen, Palm and La Chouffe. We also have Pauwel Kwak, Duvel, Moortgat, Mort Subite Kriek, Desperados, Trippel Karmeliet en Grolsch Kanon available per bottle.

Since September 2005 we serve a new selection of wines in HePatho. The old selection, of which the rosé a much appreciated choice was, unfortunately did not answer tot the wishes of our current audience. The new wines do fulfill their wishes! We have tried to choose wines which are suitable for a large audience. After all, we serve everyone from student to professor!

Special Grilled Cheese 
Every month we serve a new special grilled cheese in HePatho. They are available during the entire month. The specials are determined by the barcommittee. Seasonal products are used so the flavour fits the time of the year. Of course, these specials are prepared with great care!