Jaarvertegenwoordiging Vitality and Ageing (JVT V&A)

An education committee at the M.F.L.S.

The M.F.L.S. is committed to evaluating and improving education. It is important that a representative of the student population expresses the opinion of the group in meetings. For this reason, the M.F.L.S. has various education committees: Year Representatives in the Bachelor's programs, the Leiden Medical Interns Council, a Pharmaceutical Student Representation, Year Representatives of BMS, Year Representatives of V&A and the Student Advisory Committee.

It is very informative to do an education committee at the M.F.L.S.. You are the face of your cohort, learn a lot about the educational organisation and plan activities for the students.

Education committees at the M.F.L.S. ensure that students develop personally and make the best out of their student experience!

Voor vragen aan deze commissie kun je mailen naar: jvtva@mfls.nl

JVT V&A 2019-2020

Chair Anneloes Plomp
Secretary Irene Dijksterhuis
Member OLC Nicky Smits
Member GOES / OLC Isabel Duijvekam
Member PR / OLC Suzanne Debeij