Dictaten Centrale

De M.F.L.S. Dictaten Centrale is the place for all the Medicine -, Biomedical sciences -, Pharmacy - and Vitality & Ageing students from Leiden to get his/her study books, instruments and other necessities. Because we are for students by students en have no intention to make a profit, we do our very best every day to keep the prizes as low as possible. The DC can be found under Lecture Room 1, behind HePatho and is open from 12.15h to 13.15h every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Below you can find the core-booklists:

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Voor vragen aan deze commissie kun je mailen naar: dictatencentrale@mfls.nl

Dictaten Centrale 2017-2018

Coördinator Marlies Wagener
Lid Boeken Emma Verweij
Lid Blokboeken Vincent van der Wolf
Lid Instrumenten Mees Goeting