Studiereiscommissie (Studiereis)

The Study Tour Committee

Students who enjoy an adventurous trip with other LUMC students can attend the study trip that takes place almost every year during the May holiday. This trip is organised by the Study Tour Committee and by definition goes to an original destination where there is much to discover. The aim  of the trip is to combine education, culture and relaxation. The Study Tour Committee is concerned with arranging accommodation, transport, excursions and other activities. A selection of the most recent destinations of the study trip consists of Georgia, Morocco, Finland and Belarus.

For questions you can email:

Voor vragen aan deze commissie kun je mailen naar:

Studiereis 2019-2020

Voorzitter Ilse van den Hoek
Secretaris Maureen van der Haar
Penningmeester Vincent van der Wolf
Lid Programma Madelief de Wit
Lid Programma Laura Molenaar
Lid Logistiek Laurien Zuidgeest
Lid Logistiek Bram Akerboom
Lid PR/Sponsoring Mila van de Pol
Lid PR/Sponsoring Sarah van Rooden
Lid Bestuur Caroline Balm
Lid Bestuur Marlies Wagener