Predoctorcommissie (Predoctor)

The Predoctor, the magazine of the M.F.L.S. that comes out five times a year, is fully made by our Predoctorcommittee. The Predoctor will tell you about the current affairs of our Association; from decisions of the General Member Assembly (A.L.V.), internships abroad to M.F.L.S.-activities and medical articles. All the members of the M.F.l.S. receive the predoctor for free at home, ideal to stay up-to-date! Would you like to receive the Predoctor at home as well? That is possible; a yearsubscription only consts €5,-! Send an email to

Voor vragen aan deze commissie kun je mailen naar:

Predoctor 2016-2017

Voorzitter Sietse Terpstra
Hoofdredacteur Manon Boot
Hoofdredacteur Vera Broek
Hoofd Lay-out Anneloes Overmars
Lid Lay-out Esther de Kort
Lid Lay-out Esmée Dekker
Lid Lay-out Mathanhy Logendran
Lid Lay-out Elise van Putten
Lid Redactioneel Debby van Steenderen
Lid Redactioneel Joanne Simons
Lid Redactioneel Eline Keur
Lid Redactioneel Inge Verkouter
Lid Bestuur Wingchi Cheng
Lid Bestuur Alexander Broux