Musicalcommissie (MusCie)

Dear M.F.L.S.-members,

We are the musicalcommittee, a new committee within the M.F.L.S. which consists of seven creative minds. Together with all the actors, musicians and crewmembers we will make sure that everyone can enjoy a great musical on the 28tth and 29th of November 2016.

We are already very busy with all the preparations, like looking for a location, auditions and rehearsing. Besides we also have a lot of creative ideas for the musical, but we cannot give that away just yet!

We can tell you that the play will be called "The Nubian Princess". It is a tale about a forbidden love which leads to treachery, intrige and adultery. It will be a beautiful, enchanting play with a lot of musical, singing and acting talent.

Like our facebookpage to stay up-to-date of the latest news, we hope to see you all at the shows on Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th of November.

the musicalcommittee

MusCie 2016

Voorzitter Tjarda van Westerop
Penningmeester Maayke de Koning
Secretaris Jeanet de Raaf
Lid Spel Nienke Wit
Lid Muziek Tom Bevers
Lid Creatief Tristan Akershoek
Lid PR/Sponsoring Wingchi Cheng
Lid Bestuur Wingchi Cheng
Lid Bestuur Menthe Bergmans