Maatschappij en Cultuurcommissie (MeCC)

The Community and Culture Committee organizes this year again multiple fun cultural and social activities. For example, we organize a trip to Toomler in Amsterdam, where several comedians will perform and fill the evening with laughter. Also the MeCC will do their very best this year for the charity of the M.F.L.S. "Together you are not alone". The Neonatology department will be supported in the project to bring mothers and newborns, especially twins, closer to each other in specially designed rooms. With great enthusiasm we will work for a unique event to raise as much money as possible for this noble cause! For more information about us and our activities we would like to direct you to our facebookpage. Or send us a mail to if you have a great idea yourself!

Voor vragen aan deze commissie kun je mailen naar:

MeCC 2016-2017

Voorzitter Bregje Korpershoek
Secretaris Marloes van Dorst
Penningmeester Frédérique Bleijenberg
Lid MeCC Mirjam Esser
Lid MeCC Jan-Kees van Rooijen
Lid MeCC Jasmijn Turk
Lid PR/Sponsoring Nanda Provoost
Lid Bestuur Wingchi Cheng
Lid Bestuur Menthe Bergmans