Introductiecommissie (IC)

Together we, the Introductioncommittee, are very busy to ensure that the new first-year (bio)medical students experience fantastic and informative first days at the LUMC with the theme "Intercity"! The days will include inspiring workshops, an exciting finishing act and an even more exciting endparty where of course all the other (bio)medical students are welcome to join! All aboard!

We also organize the First-Years-Weekend, the best chance after a few weeks of studying to get to know your fellow first-years even better!

Voor vragen aan deze commissie kun je mailen naar:

IC 2015

Voorzitter Marco Wouters
Secretaris Juliëtte v/d Does
Penningmeester Fleur Derks
Lid Programma Myrthe Reith
Lid Programma Thomas Zwaan
Lid Weekend Eva Nieuwpoort
Lid PR/Sponsoring Koen Wijsman
Lid PR/Sponsoring Arda Yilmaz
Lid Bestuur Wingchi Cheng
Lid Bestuur Marleen Gerretsen