Barcommissie (BarCie)

The biggest committee of the M.F.L.S. is daily at your service: from half past twelve in the afternoon to the beginning of the evening these people are preparing your grilled cheese, pouring your beers, making your cappucino's and keeping the atmosphere in HePatho at its very best!

The barcommmittee is the host of HePatho and puts in all its efforts to make it for everyone as pleasant as possible. It is no surprise that the past year this attractive committee has grown explosively. 

By moving to the new location in the LUMC, HePatho has further grown to the meeting place for almost all the students. Inbetween lectures the bar can quickly be reached from the first floor for a proper cup of coffee or a quick bite. HePatho is the place to meet people and get to know them, that is what makes the barcommittee so interesting.

Barcommisioners not only take care of the daily affairs, but they are also responsible for the good course of all the activities in the bar. M.F.L.S.-parties would not be possible without the efforts of these young gods of the tap and the student-teachers get-togethers would end disastrous.

So, the next time you enter the bar, think about these people, who happily word everyday and always friendly smiling hand you your grilled cheese!

The barcommittee: "Geniet en drink met HePatho mate(n)!"

Voor vragen aan deze commissie kun je mailen naar:

BarCie 2016-2017

Voorzitter Anouk Heesters
Secretaris Fleur Derks
Penningmeester Bianca Biersteker
Lid Assortiment en Activiteiten Nora Wassenburg
Lid PR Marijn Stelwagen
Barcommissaris Daan Weijers
Barcommissaris Debbie Abbenhuis
Barcommissaris Tristan Akkershoek
Barcommissaris Tjerk Koolstra
Barcommissaris Stefan Koning
Barcommissaris Myrthe Reith
Barcommissaris Mirre Verstegen
Barcommissaris Lieve Willemsen
Barcommissaris Jip Spekman
Barcommissaris Irene van den Wilde
Barcommissaris Jesse Romsom
Barcommissaris Arda Yilmaz
Barcommissaris Gertjan van Ee
Barcommissaris Jamilla Goedegebuur
Barcommissaris Juliette van der Does
Barcommissaris Marloes Duijzings
Barcommissaris Pauline van Marwijk Kooy
Barcommissaris Stella Gartung
Barcommissaris Yasin Yüksel
Barcommissaris Tijn van Stekelenburg