L.M.D. Forestus

 The “Leids Medisch Dispuut” Forestus is the fifth branch of the M.F.L.S. en is founded on may 27 1992. The subgroup of the M.F.L.S. is focuses on social events and is an autonomous functioning organization within the M.F.L.S., with its own Board. More information can be found on Forestus’ own website.

Forestus organizes activities on a regular basis for its Members. Most of which are also accessible for non-members. Every Tuesday there is a gathering in “De Hut van Ome Henne”, there are often party’s and a couple of times a year a Cantus, an originally Flemish activity which was introduced by Members of Forestus in Leiden halfway through the 90’s. Besides these social events also lectures, excursions and guided tours are organized. Forestus has more than 300 Members at the moment. A lot of the Active Members are also active in committees within the M.F.L.S. 


  • Strengthening the bonds within the faculty community, especially those between students mutually and between students and teachers;
  • Enlarging the possibilities to develop oneself and partake in activities, which are individually difficult to accomplish;
  • Broaden the view of its Members on the medical profession;
  • Enlarge the knowledge of its Members, as well as their skills on organizational and social area;
  • Offering relaxation and fun

Voor vragen kun je mailen naar: forestusbestuur@mfls.nl

Het 38ste Bestuur van de Leids Medisch Dispuut Forestus heeft zich voor het bestuursjaar 2018-2019 heeft zich als volgt geconstitueerd:

Praeses C.T. de Ruijter
Ab actis Elisa van den Hoven
Quaestor J.E.A. Scheffers
Assessor Internus Lisanne Wezenaar
Assessor Externus Jessica Greijmans