Medical Faculty for Students from Leiden

The Medische Faculteit der Leidse Studenten (M.F.L.S.) or the Medical Faculty for Students from Leiden is the student association for all the students of the faculty Medicine/LUMC. These students as well as all the interns are automatically a member of the M.F.L.S., because of this the Association has over 2.700 members.

The association is founded in 1912. An overview of the rich history of the Association can be found under the header History.



Within the M.F.L.S. there are different 6 core tasks:

As student association for the Medicine students, Biomedical Sciences students, master Vitality and Ageing students en master Pharmacy students, the M.F.L.S. is committed to improve the quality of the education. The Association also has many committees; these are active with the organization of several activities to strengthen the bond between active members, students and teachers. More information about everything that the M.F.L.S. organizes and its committees can be found under the header Committees. The M.F.L.S. also uses Facebook.