The second Alumnilecture for Medical students will take place on wednesday 15 januari. Here, you will hear about specialties you may ...

Dine with all the committees and learn the ins and outs of your committeework

Come skiing with us! We will go to the Uithof and enjoy the (fake) snow for 2 hours. Join us for just a small price. Look on Facebook ...

The Student-Teacher drinks are an amazing opportunity to speak with your teachers about the education in the LUMC.

Join us for the annual M.F.L.S.-ball. The ball will be at the Westelijk Handelsterrein in Rotterdam! The theme is 1001 nights. The ...

Prepare yourself for the 'Voortgangstoets' with the VGT-pubquiz, organised by the Student Advice Committee

Join us in HePatho for the monthly VriMiBo

The Leiden International Student Committee hosts a 'Sinterklaas' activity in Hepatho for all international students

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